Fermented Soft Drinks Workshops

Level: Beginner

Time: Sundays 

Cost: £50 per person

Capacity: 10 people

Location: Gnome House, London E17

Check the details and book here

I also work in collaboration with another company The Fermentarium and within their programme I help running other workshops, specifically Fermented Soft Drinks Workshop.

This workshop offers:

An in-depth introduction to everything you need to know about fermented soft drinks. Learn how to make water kefir, ginger bug, tepache, bread kvass and other soft drinks. Discover ways of using these drinks in other ferments. At the end of the course, you will have water kefir grains to ferment at home as well as recipes and the knowledge and confidence to experiment further.

There is also various fermented beverages tasting throughout the workshop.

***Please note, this course does not cover Kombucha. There is a separate class on Kombucha only.***

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