With any inquiries please email me with the details.


Fermentation is one of my passions and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen making and experimenting with various fermented foods and beverages. Some things I prepare only seasonally, like master tonic; some just occasionally, like scraps vinegar and water kefir and some regularly, like fermented salsa, kombucha, milk kefir, and sauerkraut. I am always on the lookout for new recipes and ideas. Another one of my passions is bread. I love bread, no I love sourdough bread. Around 2010 I made my first sourdough starter and since then I bake my own bread and I use my sourdough starter in other foods as well, like flatbreads, pancakes, savory and fruit pies, dumplings, pasta, shortcrust sugar biscuits and many more.



Fermentation Workshops in N18

Along with cooking and eating, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion with others. I run various workshops on various fermented foods and drinks: an introduction to fermentation, sourdough bread made easy, fermented dairy, fermented soft drinks, kombucha and gluten-free sourdough all suitable for beginners.


I am also in the process of developing fermented condiments and raw vinegar workshops. I am always experimenting and trying out new recipes so there will inevitably be other additions as well. Unfortunately, people nowadays have lost the knowledge and craft of cooking their own food and especially the art of fermentation has been forgotten.


My strong desire is to spread knowledge about the unique health properties of fermented foods, encourage and help other people to take control over their own health as part of the gut health awareness revolution going on in the world today.


The workshops that I run from home are very small-scale comprising of a maximum of 4 people, so you get a good opportunity to ask plenty of questions and discuss fermentation process in great detail. If you have a group of people interested in learning practical fermentation and a kitchen big enough to fit them all or you are organising an event and need someone to lead a workshop for you, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help. 



Fermentation Workshops at other venues

I also run some of the above-mentioned workshops at Gnome House in Black Horse Lane in North London as part of The Fermentarium team.

If you are interested to run fermentation workshops at your venue please email me with details.



Private Lessons

If you prefer a one-on-one style of learning and are interested in a private lesson, please email me for my availability and with the list of things you want to learn. I tailor my private session the best I can according to the needs and interests of the customer. The private sessions run at N18 venue. Customers are welcome to organise a private session with me at their own venue for one on one or a group session.



Industry Consultation

I offer 2 types of consultancy:


 - ferments making service

I come to your food venue, like a cafe, and make whichever lacto-fermented foods and drinks you want to start offering as part of your menu or packaged for sale. This is together with ongoing support to help you properly ferment the products that I made and any advice in terms of different flavors, most suitable place at your venue for fermentation, best use of the ferments, suitable storage and best packaging for sale. The foods I can make include everything you will find me teaching at my workshops, please check the workshop links below to see the variety I offer. Please contact me to check my availability.


 - personnel training

I evaluate your kitchen in terms of suitability for making ferments and consult on the proper space for the fermentation process itself. I set up the production of your desired ferment. I train the personnel how to and explain the process of making the ferments you require. I share my recipes tailored to your needs together with any useful tips, details for making a tasty, safe and overall successful ferment, and any relevant information that will help better understand the process of fermentation. I also come to observe the personnel making and fermenting the product on their own. I will be coming as long as you need me and for the minimum of 5 sessions to make sure that personnel is confident enough and have enough knowledge to continue fermenting independently and without my presence. Please contact me to check my availability.




Workshop price for N18 venue is £50 per person.

Prices at other venues might vary according to the decision of the companies I work with.

My private sessions cost £70 per class.


My consultancy prices:

for ferments making I charge £25 per hour + 1 hour for the commute;

for training personnel I charge £40 per hour + 1 hour for the commute (minimum number of sessions is 5)


If you are unable to afford my prices, I understand that so please contact me and I will see what I can do for you, as I would really love you to participate in one of my workshops and be able to learn the skills in the kitchen that will keep your gut healthy and your mind happy.


Please follow the links below for more information about each of my particular workshop including the booking information.