Sourdough e-book


Do you like bread and baked goods? Are you concerned about the health issues of eating gluten? This book provides the opportunity to enjoy your favourite baked recipes using flour but without compromising your health.


This book is all about baking with sourdough starter or wild yeast.


It all started when I learned about the health benefits of the sourdough or wild yeast and at about the same time I discovered how wheat and other grains, if not prepared properly, can cause serious health problems. My family really loves bread and other baked goods and I did not want to exclude those completely from my family’s diet. So I found a way to make the bread healthy. Making all those recipes using the sourdough starter was actually doing two things for me and my family: we kept enjoying our favourite foods and benefited our health at the same time. This was so exciting!


I started converting the recipes where you use flour into sourdough versions. At some point, I accrued so many of them that I decided to share with others and this is how the book was born.


In this book, you will find a description of the health benefits of baking with a sourdough starter and a lot of recipes for the whole family to enjoy. The recipes include sourdough starter, different types of bread, crackers, pizza crust, stilton shortbreads, tortillas, foccacia and many more.


If you want a sneak peek at the recipes from my book, you can find some of them on my blog,  like  

sourdough flatbreads.


As you probably noticed this is the first book in the series and it will be followed by another book with more recipes using the sourdough starter.